Weston’s Toddler Bedroom

With our newest addition arriving in just a few short months, I’m getting the itch to design Weston’s big boy room. I know, I know…most pregnant women are anxious/excited to start designing the new nursery. When we found out we were having another boy, I decided to leave the current nursery as is (with only a few minor changes) since it has everything already set up and in place for a baby. It just made more sense to move Weston into the bigger room and create an all new big boy space all for him.

I’m still apprehensive about moving Weston into a twin bed since he has yet to show any signs that he is ready to move out of the crib. Primarily because he moves sooo much when he sleeps that even when sleeping with Matt and/or I he often comes close to falling out of bed. We are thinking we will slowly transition him into the bed…first a mattress on the floor, next adding a box spring, then into the twin bed. Maybe we are being too cautious…I don’t know. We could also get side rails, but I still worry about him standing up or flipping over the sides at night.

But anyways back to the design!

I love the color Hunter Green and feel like if there is any room in the house that could pull it off it would be this one. The room has one small window and one large, both let in a lot of light. The room is on the smaller side and the ceiling height is not the tallest so I want to find a way to make it feel as large as possible. My solution is to have a two-tone room; the bottom part of the wall will be hunter green and the top half of the wall and the ceiling will be a bright white. The green I choose is Backwoods by Benjamin Moore.

Because I don’t feel confident in my ability to paint/tape a straight line and because I love walls with a little interest on them, I’m leaning towards a Board on Batten look on the bottom part of the wall.


I love the Pendleton Glacier National Park blanket and the Hudson Bay Company Point blanket. I believe they are basically the same thing…? From the very first time I laid my eyes on one of these designs in an image featured in Country Living Magazine it became the overall inspiration for my eventual goal for our house. Now presented with the opportunity to incorporate one, I’m taking the chance. After a few months of watching eBay and checking for sales online, I’ve decided to move away from the traditional wool blankets because man oh man are they expensive! I found a Pendleton Glacier National Park quilt on sale at Bed Bath and Beyond plus I had a 20% off coupon. So it was a steal.


The House came with a ceiling fan in pretty much every room and although they are functioning and serve their purpose…they aren’t the prettiest or the most appealing. When I came across the the Hunter Mill Valley 52” Barn Red LED Ceiling Fan, I knew it would be perfect for the room. It retails for $210.00. Which I suppose isn’t too bad since it will probably be in the room for as long as we live in this house, but I still think that’s a little expensive for a fan. After months of searching for a deal, it’s finally on sale at Home Depot for $179.00. Inner me is like buy it now!!! It’s at the lowest price I’ve seen it, but I think I’ll wait to see if I can get a better deal another time.Hunter FanI had a Pottery Barn gift card for about a year. I couldn’t find anything that I had to have for myself so I purchased these sheets. They are Navy check. I just have to have that check pattern!

Pottery Barn Kids

We received a tall dresser from Matt’s mother probably about a year ago. It was just one of those things that we didn’t have a use for it at that moment, but I knew one day we may need one so I figured why not! Trust me…Matt hasn’t let me forget that it’s just sitting in the shed collecting dust and bugs! The plan is to sand it down and DIY a tribal design on it or stain the top and sides and paint the drawers Black or Dark Navy and adding leather pull straps.

I purchased two school desks that I found at a local antique market to use as unique bedside tables in the guest bedroom of our first house. I previously sanded and stained the wood on top and painted the bottom light blue to match the color scheme of that room. My plan is to use one them in Weston’s room and the other will eventually be used in the new baby’s room. For this room I will spray paint the bottom either Dark Navy or Black.


As I was browsing HOUZZ one evening before bed I saw curtains in a bedroom that I thought would be perfect for this room. I couldn’t find anything like it online or in any local stores. So I’ve decided to purchase utility/painters cloth and paint 2-3 yellow stripes on them. After about a month of price shopping I found these on Amazon (the best price that I’ve found) and these curtain clip hangers to well hang them since I don’t know how to sew.

I’ve always loved the idea of a window seat and since the room has two, I would like to add a floating bench under one of them. I haven’t decided which one yet and probably won’t know until I decide on the perfect furniture layout for the room.

DIY a railroad crossing sign. Since we live next to a railroad and watching the trains go by is one of Weston’s favorite things, I think it will be a perfect addition to his room.

Vintage travel poster art. At first I was planning on doing only New York State vintage travel art, but now leaning towards National parks all over the United States. Hopefully, inspiring a travel bug.

Lastly, this inspirational metal sign from Magnolia Market. I love the quote and the color is perfect for his room.


The goal is to have the room painted and Weston sleeping in the room by the beginning of October. The rest of the design will happen and evolve over time. We are not sure how he will react once the new baby arrives and we don’t want him to feel like the new guy is kicking him out of the only room he has ever known.

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