Our Log Cabin

Before I jump into our current and hopefully future renovations, I wanted to give a brief overview of how this house came to be our home.

Our previous home was a very cute brick cape cod. With 2 beds and 1.5 baths. It had a decent size living room, dining room, kitchen and a half-finished basement. Perhaps the most special thing about it was that it had two fireplaces. It even had a decent size yard for the neighborhood. We lived there for about 5 years, fixing it up here and there along the way. It was a perfect starter home, but we never planned to live there forever; max of 10 years.

So here I am in my third trimester with our son Weston. At this point, no intention of moving. In fact, I just finished setting up Weston’s room and the husband and I started to spruce up the kitchen while we were (im)patiently awaiting his arrival.

Looking at the local real estate online was nothing new for us. We loved to see what neighborhood homes looked like on the inside and also to see how much they were selling for. But one day, the casual looking online became the actual viewing in person.

We both agreed that although we weren’t in a rush to move, we would keep our eyes open in case of something special. From there, we started discussing what we really wanted in our next home. I wanted an old farmhouse, a fixer upper, with great bones and a history on at least 5 acres. I also really wanted an in-law suite. My husband on the other hand wanted a home that required no fixing at all!

The things we did agree on were, at least 3 bedrooms-preferably 4, some land, finished basement, a master suite with it’s own bathroom and a very large closet and at least one fireplace.

One day my husband sent me a link to a foreclosed log cabin just put on the market. Not at all what I initially had in mind, but something my husband claims to have always been hoping for. The pictures online were less then impressive. I was really surprised and underwhelmed, but I could tell he was interested in it so I agreed to look at it, but never actually expected that it would work for our family.

(These are photos taken during our first visit to the house)

We pulled up to the driveway and couldn’t see the house from the road.  Interest peaked! As we drove down this long winding driveway, surrounded by trees on both sides, I could feel myself getting excited. The first structure we saw was this cute wooden workshop and I said, “is this it…???”,

This out building could be perfect for a guest house/cottage for when family comes to visit.


but up on a hill through the trees we saw the house. Much to my surprise I didn’t hate it. In fact, I think it was love at first sight.


There were two more structures; a shed and a misshaped building that needed major work or to be torn down.

IMG_5683.JPGAfter further investigation this shed will need to completely torn down and rebuilt as it is not structurally sound. It was built as a temporary structure so that the previous owner could work on his truck.

The house would need work but it had great potential. The outside will need to be refinished, stained and sealed within the next 5 years or so. The steps leading up to the house will also need to be redone (we are thinking this summer) and the green trim paint is chipping.


The inside is outdated but livable. It has a very large kitchen but only boasts one small set of cabinets and an island.

When you enter the house through the back door you enter into a galley mudroom/laundry room. At the end of the mudroom is a small half bath.


Off of the kitchen is the great room with a living room and dining room.

These are the stairs leading down to the unfinished basement.

Off of the main living space is the master bedroom, with a large closet and small/mid size full bath.

Heading upstairs is a loft area and two small bedrooms with a large full bath between.

Although the house wasn’t what I originally had in mind, we love it and it has the potential to become everything we wanted. We were really spoiled with the two fireplaces in our last house and this house has zero! My husband loved the basement in the last house and this one has a basement but it is unfinished. But, it does have the room for our family to grow. It also has the potential to have a guest/in-law suite. And finally, and probably the greatest part is that it sits on 10 acres!

After a lot of back and forth with the bank, the house was finally ours and we moved in 6 weeks after Weston was born.

Yes, it will take many, many long years to get it where we (mainly me) want it to be, but the end result will be amazing!

My plan is to blog each renovation of this house as we continue to update and remodel to make this house our home.


Here are more photos of the house taken during fall.

untitled (1 of 4)untitled (2 of 4)untitled (1 of 1)untitled (3 of 4)untitled (4 of 4)

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