Hidden Valley Animal Adventure Varysburg, NY


This is such a hidden gem in our area. My sister-in-law recently asked us about it and we said it was on our summer to-do list, and would let her know if it’s worth traveling to from central NY. Well we had a little break in our schedule and decided to check it out.

Hidden Valley is a mix between a zoo and a safari. 63 acres filled with all different types of grazing animals from across the globe where guests can feed the animals as they approach the vehicle.  I love a good petting zoo as I believe I have mentioned before, and will probably mention again. I have always been an animal lover and currently dream about owning a few animals myself. I just have to talk the hubby into it. I grew up on a cattle farm so I’m used to interacting with cows and such but it was nice seeing Weston enjoy interacting with the animals as well, especially with animals you don’t usually get to interact with. He loved hanging his head out of the wagon and seeing the animals chase after us. At one point a bison came up to him and stuck his tongue out to lick Weston’s face. I think he was both surprised and a little disgusted, or at least that was what I gathered from the expression on his face.

The tour is about 1 hour long, making at least 4-5 stops to feed the animals. They also have a restaurant, gift shop, and a petting zoo. If you’re in the area I definitely recommend stopping there.

Here is a link to their website

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