Alexandra Bay, 1000 Islands, NY

We took a quick trip to the 1000 Islands, specifically Alexandra Bay, a few weekends ago to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary. We were torn between Lake Placid and the 1000 Islands, but in the end we went with the 1000 Islands since we knew we wanted to bring our son, and didn’t feel very confident in our abilities hiking with him on our backs.

It was a nice, short but sweet family getaway. Sometimes you just need those. I love to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and enjoy doing something new as a family.

We drove halfway to my in-laws in Syracuse, NY on Friday night after work, woke up early and drove the rest of the way arriving in Alexandra Bay somewhere between 9:30 and 10:00 am. It really was the perfect time to get there. It wasn’t crowed, resulting in no lines anywhere. We bought a few ferry tickets out to Boldt Castle on Heart Island. The history behind the castle is truly one of the saddest yet most beautiful love stories ever! George Boldt built the castle and it’s equally impressive five other structures for his wife Louise. Sadly, he never completed the castle because Louise died before it was finished and he could never bring himself back to the island to finish it. It is a masterpiece and the historical society is currently restoring it room by room to the way he planned or intended for it to look.

We have had a rainy spring and summer and the boathouse was still partly under water so unfortunately we weren’t able to tour that too. The home and grounds took us a good 2 hours to explore and by then we were starving. We took the ferry back to the main land and grabbed lunch at a restaurant by the bay. After, we decided to drive around the area. My father-in-law mentioned a cute town that is considered a golf cart community, and we decided to check it out and look at some homes (one of my favorite past times). It was sooo cute and definitely a place I could see us renting a house and hanging out over a summer vacation.

Later we checked into our hotel and took a swim in their swimming pool. It was Weston’s first time in a swimming pool and I think he loved it. Especially when other kids started to show up.  He is already such a social butterfly and he can’t even talk. After our swim we went to dinner at Olive Garden…lame maybe but I can’t deny it, I just love their soup, salad, and bread sticks!! Afterwards, we went back to the hotel, enjoyed some hotel cookies and cuddled up in bed for a movie.  The perfect end to a perfect day!

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