Weston’s Second Nursery 

While touring our new house I knew immediately upon entering this room that it was perfect for Weston. Those log shelves had me at first sight. As for the overall look I knew I wanted it to be different then his first nursery while still keeping the woodland theme.
Since we moved in when my son was just shy of 7 weeks old and still sleeping in a bassinet in our room, I knew I had some time to figure out the design. I searched and searched my go to places, Pinterest and Houzz, for ideas until I felt I had enough. As I looked through all of my pins and saves I noticed a reoccurring theme that I seemed to be drawn to. The monochromatic look.
Once I had my design planned out I got to work. I found the awesome wall decals on project nursery. I love that they are like stickers but can be easily peeled off without leaving the sticky residue that stickers usually leave behind. I added wood in the shape of picture frames and filled them in with chalkboard paint on the dormer walls. This is something that I can see him using for many years. I then added shiplap around the frames on the dormer walls to add some depth.
Although I love the all-white and black design, I am a person that has always been attracted to color and wanted to add a few pops of color here and there. The monkey-turtle Matt and I made at Build-a-Bear after we found out we were having a boy. The other, actual ninja turtle and the ninja turtle trash can were Matt’s as a child. The toy wooden car was made by my husband’s grandfather. The large orange “Otto” Matt bought for Weston…because he’s a huge Syracuse Orange fan.
I can see this nursery growing with him, with me only having to make a few adjustments here and there.
I hope you enjoyed his big boy nursery just as much as we do.

Source Listing:

See Weston’s First Bedroom


Forest Wall Decals: Project Nursery

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