Fort Niagara

A few weekends ago we went on a quick adventure to Niagara Falls, NY. See post here. Since we were already in the Buffalo Niagara Region, we decided to tour Fort Niagara. My husband did a class project on the fort while attending Niagara University, but I’ve never been. I was pleasantly surprised by how well preserved it is. I also LOVE touring places where the staff dress up and try to bring the ‘living in that time period’ experience to their guests.

My favorite part was walking through the fortress. I was soooo inspired as I walked through each room. I’m always looking for inspiration for our home and the fortress offered a plethora. Those tables, beams, bunk beds, stone…pretty much EVERYTHING had me all like 😍.

Side thought: I have always loved the look of a log home with white chinking. Up until this trip, I have only seen it on homes built with square logs. So I was little apprehensive about needing to one day chink between our round logs…that was until I saw this one at Fort Niagara. It actually made me excited. Our log home is relatively new (built in the 90’s) so we won’t need to do this for a while, but when the time comes I’ll be ready!

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