Niagara Falls, NY

Cave of the Winds – it looks so awesome. It’s on my to do list!

This is my life now. I’m always chasing after this kid and I wouldn’t trade it for the world😍

The hubby too! 😂See note above ^

How was everyone’s weekend? We finally had a weekend all to ourselves! Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, but summer is so short. It’s nice to have a little time to sit back, unwind and soak it all in…the heat that is!

A few weekends ago we decided on quick visit to Niagara Falls, NY. My passport has expired and I keep putting off getting a new one. The funny thing is, when my husband suggested NF, I said “we can’t because my passport expired.” In which he replied, “You do know that there is an American side…..”😶.  Honestly, it didn’t cross my mind. When I first moved to Buffalo, NY I was told the Canadian side of the falls was the better choice, so I never actually made it to the American side. When family and friends would visit us, we always ventured across the border.

So my thoughts…

It’s not bad at all, although I will say that the Canadian side definitely has a better view of the falls and a lot more ‘in your face attractions’ in the general area of the falls. The U.S. side has more of a scenic, serene feel to it. It’s more natural with a get-into-nature approach. I definitely recommend seeing and exploring both sides of the falls because both sides offer a completely different experience.

Some of the main U.S. side attractions include the Maid of the mist and Cave of the winds; both are on my to-do list. Other notable attractions are hiking the Niagara Gorge, taking a high-speed jet boat down the Niagara River, exploring Fort Niagara and drinking the wines and brews along the Niagara Wine Trail.

It was a great day and we definitely plan on returning soon.

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