The Fourth of July

For the Fourth of July and for my Dad’s birthday, my parents rented a house for a few days in Vilano Beach, St. Augustine, FL. 

My family has a hard time getting together since we all live in different states and have conflicting schedules. So my parents, my brother, his wife and their two little girls, my other brother and his son, and us, all met up for a nice family beach vacation (or trip since vacationing doesn’t really happen with kids haha).

On our flight to Florida, I was trying to think of the last time we were all together and I couldn’t come up with a date. In fact, before this trip, my brother Robert never met my son. Crazy right?! So it was nice to have all the kids and family together in one place under one roof. 

I for one will never miss a beach vacation and was really excited to take Weston to a real beach with an ocean. I think overall he enjoyed it but he wasn’t a huge fan of the salt water splashing on his face or when he was walking along the shore line and a wave would suck his feet under the sand, or when he would get sand stuck to his hands…so most beach things😂. He did really enjoy playing with beach toys, chasing after birds, dogs and other kids, and playing with his cousins both on the beach and at the beach house.

Why Vilano Beach? I mean it’s not where one might typically vacation in Florida. Well it all started when I fell in love with the images on a pamphlet of Flagler College that I received in the mail when I was in 10th grade. From that moment on I said that was where I was going to go to college and so I went. I loved it! I actually thought the way of life there was suited for me and that I would live there forever, but I had a hard time landing a “real” job and moved home shortly after graduation. Then in August of the same year I moved to Buffalo, NY. Well during my years at school my parents came to visit and soon they too fell in love with the area. Fast forward to current day and it’s their place of choice to retire. They are currently looking for property on Vilano Beach and have plans to one day build a home there. So hopefully plenty of beach vacations are in my future 😁!

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