Father’s Day


Matt had to leave for a work trip on Father’s day so we planned a little Father’s day excursion on Saturday. I decided on Strawberry picking at Becker Farms because it is something that Matt suggests every year and we never go…

We LOVE Becker Farms!!! It really is a place you could spend a whole day. They have a petting zoo and playground for kids. A winery and a brewery with a pub for adults. As well as a dessert market and a produce item to pick for each season. It is also where we had our wedding reception so it will always be our place of choice 🙂

Our first stop upon arrival was the petting zoo. I love a good petting zoo! It always makes me want a pig, goat and some chickens. I would also take a pony and a donkey hehe! Weston is still a little too young for playgrounds so we skipped that this time around. Next stop was the brewery. I had a Sangria made with fresh fruit from the farm and Matt had a local draft beer. After, we caught a tractor ride out to the strawberry fields. Weston LOVED it!!!! He was in his glory standing up in the wagon with the breeze in his hair.

Once out in the field, we put Weston down and he immediately grabbed a strawberry, tasted it and then proceeded to shove the whole strawberry into his mouth. To say he likes strawberries would be an understatement!!! After we went to the pub for a late lunch and to cool off before we left for the day.

On our ride home we saw a sign for rhubarb and stopped to pick some up. Matt’s favorite dessert growing up was strawberry rhubarb pie and I decided a delicious pie would be a perfect dessert to end Father’s day with.

This was my second time making a pie and my first time making strawberry rhubarb AND pie crust from scratch. The pie turned out great. Had minor hiccup (used too much of the crust for the base resulting in not enough for the top) but made the most of it 😉.

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